New state law soon to help more women get 3D mammograms

New state law soon to help more women get 3D mammograms

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Early detection is the best detection. The Breast Center at Midland Memorial Hospital is making sure women over 40 aren't only getting a breast screening, but a more accurate one using 3D mammography.

3D mammograms are covered by certain insurance providers. But in a couple of months, that's all going to change thanks to a new state law.

"In January, the Texas State Legislature has mandated that all commercial insurances pay for 3D mammography so there wouldn't be an out of pocket cost to the patient to have the newer technology," said Dr. Gina Campagna.

3D mammograms are an advanced form of screening available. It's one that doctors recommend over 2D mammograms.

Studies show that by using the newer technology, 3D mammography can find cancers up to 40% by taking multiple images to see if there's a mass in the breast. Compared to 2D mammograms, 10% of patients may get a callback from their doctors if their screenings may look like there's a mass.

"A lot of time it is because the tissue is overlapping each other," said Campagna. "With the 3D, we can page through the breast and see it's just overlapping tissues and not a mass."

Doctors say if you're 40 and over, don't wait. A yearly mammogram is just a couple minutes away that could save your life.

"Women who wait until they have a problem are diagnosed with a much later stage of breast cancer. If we can get women in the community in for their annual mammograms every year, we're hopefully going to find breast cancers when they're at a very curable stage."

Pink the Basin is helping out Midland Memorial by providing funding for free mammograms. Women who are uninsured and 40 and over must qualify. Contact the Breast Center at (432) 682-9729.

"In our community, 35% of people over 40 go for an annual mammogram," said Campagna. "There's lots of barriers. One of the things we're blessed with in this area is cost should not be a barrier. We have Pink the Basin that will pay for women with mammograms who don't have insurance."

For more details, visit their website here.

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