Surveillance cameras used to solve crime in Odessa

Surveillance cameras used to solve crime in Odessa
How cameras on private property help law enforcement. (Source: KWES)

(KWES) - Cameras are everywhere, placed on buildings, parking lots and even as quickly accessible as your phone. The powerful use of video footage could help law enforcement solve a crime.

Without surveillance videos, in some cases, law enforcement would only be able to go off a description.

"The vast majority of the crimes that were solved here, especially the burglaries are solved here, as a result of surveillance footage," said Cpl. Steve LeSueur with the Odessa Police Department.

Law enforcement in Odessa does not have access to public video footage, so they rely at times, on cameras places on private property.

"At this time there are no public cameras in place in the city of Odessa. there is not at any of the intersections, but those are used for the purpose of monitoring traffic," said LeSueur.

Which means that law enforcement relies heavily on the public to help if they happened to catch something on their personal cameras.

"Once a crime has occurred, we are going to canvas the area. You search for any possible surveillance cameras," said LeSueur.

Once they find that there was a camera that was nearby the crime committed, law enforcement will release that information to the public instead of a drawing or a description.

"There are several businesses here in Odessa with several residential neighborhoods and personal residences that have cameras. They are a huge success solving a lot of crimes as a result of those cameras as a result of that surveillance footage," said LeSueur.

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