Midland Lee football recognized for respecting the American flag

Midland Lee football recognized for respecting the American flag

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - After the Midland Lee vs Lubbock Monterey game, the Rebels returned to the Tall City with a win and later a meaningful compliment.

An instructor of Estacado High School's Army JROTC sent an email to Midland I.S.D. to thank the Lee football team and their coaches. A portion of the message said: "Usually as soon as our National Anthem is over everyone begins to move about before our Honor Guard has a chance to march off the field; last week was different. As the National Anthem came to an end, we were standing behind your Lee Rebel football team, and we all heard a player yell out, "Nobody move." The entire team, including coaches and assistants, stood at attention as our Honor Guard marched off the field and did not move until they saw the Honor Guard lower the Colors on the other side."

This is a practice that head Coach Clint Hartman has instilled in his programs for several years. Thanks to a suggestion from one of his previous trainers.

"He said Coach, I fought in Iraq and all I ask is that you respect my flag. And a lot of people when the national anthem is over they cheer and he goes that's not proper so can we teach our kids the proper way so we did,"  said Hartman.

Midland I.S.D. posted the letter on Facebook, where it was shared by thousands of members of the community, but Coach Hartman says while the recognition was nice, they were not looking for a pat on the back.

"We were trying to raise awareness and we believe that's what all football teams should do. I think America's the best country in the world and I believe people are fighting for that freedom that we have. It's going on every day. We just feel it's a small gesture for our military community to make sure it's respected the proper way," said Hartman.

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