U.T.P.B. swimmer finds passion on piano

U.T.P.B. swimmer finds passion on piano

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - Freshman University of Texas of the Permian Basin Falcon Nikita Naumov is quickly making a name for himself in the pool. This weekend, he competed against Texas Christian University, a division one, Big 12 Program.

"I was swimming against the TCU swimmers that were really fast and so it was really fun to compete against them and I was able to get first place," said Naumov.

His success didn't just happen overnight, he's been swimming for 9 years. The sport, taking up much of his time and energy, but in the middle of 6 hour days in the pool, he's had time to find another passion.

"I've been playing a really long time. I started out when I was really young, I think I've been playing now for 13 years," said Naumov.

He trained on the piano with a professional teacher for most of his life.

"I stopped two years ago for school and then I also started doing my own piano lessons at home. Just teaching local neighborhood kids and so I haven't been learning any new songs but I definitely have been keeping up with the songs I learned when I was with her," said Naumov.

Nikita has not given any piano lessons since he came to U.T.P.B., but that could change.

"I haven't brought my books with me. I might have my parents email them to me and so we'll see where that leads to," said Naumov.

Maybe he'll be teaching some of his teammates the tricks to the trade, by the time their next meet comes around.

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