City of Midland encourages residents to dispose of collectible waste in dumpsters

City of Midland encourages residents to dispose of collectible waste in dumpsters
One dumpster in a Midland neighborhood has homeowners concerned because of too many items piling up in the alley behind their homes.
“To get up in the morning and see this every morning is depressing,” one resident told us. “We’re very concerned because it’s hazardous to our health and it’s a sore sight.”
Because of the pile up, residents are unable to dispose of anymore trash so they’re having to walk to other dumpsters instead.
But the city can’t dispose of the pile of tree limbs and the fencing, because those are items that can’t be collected according to city ordinance.
“If you have limbs, tree stumps, we have a Citizens Collection Station located at 4100 Smith Road,” said Carter. “We do not pick up fencing, this sort of item cannot go to our Citizens Collection Station. We do ask that this stuff goes out to our landfill because we consider this construction debris.”
The city wants residents to know that just because it may be your trash, doesn’t mean you can dispose of it in a dumpster. Other non-collectible waste also include tires or construction materials like lumber or metal scrap. If you throw away non-collectible waste, you could be accessed a fine since it’s considered illegal dumping.
If you have large items like beds, washers or dryers, they can also be taken to the Citizens Collection Station. Place them in the alley and make sure you contact the Solid Waste Division for a scheduled pick-up. If you need help taking those items, you can contact the city's Solid Waste Division for help at (432) 685-7278.

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