Driving smart in flooded areas

Driving smart in flooded areas
Truck driving in flooded street. (Source: KWES)

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - Rain, rain and more rain. It just doesn't seem to go away this week in the Permian Basin.

That means the rain could cause some trouble to your vehicle, especially, if you happen to be driving through high water.

We went and asked an expert, Mark Trotter, owner of Triple T's Auto Repair Shop in Odessa, to see if there are any warning signs to take notice to.

"No, you won't hear a noise. Most of the time you will not you know because water in the cylinders cannot be compressed, so when that happens it will lock your engine right there and then," said Trotter.

But what damage is actually done?

"The water is being sucked up through the air intake where your air filter is and that's why the water gets in your engine. The stud takes the water inside the cylinders and that's why you have issues," said Trotter.

If you do ever happen to find yourself in the middle of the flood and your vehicle turned off, there is one thing that you should not do, according to Trotter.

"Don't try and start it. If that happens, make sure you have it towed to your nearest mechanic facility and make sure they have the plugs pulled out and get the water out of these cylinders before trying to crank that engine again," said Trotter.

Certified mechanics say that you might think you are saving time by not going around a flooded area and driving through it. Just know that your wallet may be the one getting the big bite in the end.

"You're looking at around $6,000 or $7,000. So, it's a very expensive mistake," said Trotter.

Driving experts also say that cars are more vulnerable to damage since they have a lower clearance.

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