TxDOT project on Loop 250 helping with drainage issues

TxDOT project on Loop 250 helping with drainage issues

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - As it pours down in the Permian Basin, TxDOT can evaluate their work from a multi-million dollar project. They are doing major work on Loop 250 to improve the service roads, that includes finding solutions for drainage issues when it rains.

When there's heavy rain in Midland, you can bet it'll come with some flooding.

"The first section is being done between 191 and I-20," said Gene Powell, public information officer for TxDOT.
TxDOT began a project this summer aiming to resurface the warn down roads on Loop 250, along with finding solutions for the drainage issues. This means digging ditches a little deeper and putting in more culverts.

"Drainage work just tries to get water evenly distributed throughout the area instead of staying in one area or in this case, moved to a different area to where it can stand away from the road," said Powell.

Many of the older roads that were built up to 50 years ago, were made to have water cross over, but with recent heavy rains, some areas are not built to withstand the amount of water we've received. TxDOT also believes more development along the Loop could effect the drainage.

"When development comes and they build more cement, more asphalt, more parking lots, and more buildings, there's less place for the water to go," said Powell.

Standing water doesn't come without some safety risks, but TxDOT says safety was crucial in their project.

"If there's water standing on the road and someone has a poorly maintained vehicle, tires can lose traction. We know that," said Powell.

With the downpour we received today, TxDOT will be able to test out how well their solutions are working.

"We're certainly not going to be able to get all the water to move away, but we are trying to do the best we can," said Powell.

The service road project costs $5.8 million and will continue into the Spring of 2018.

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