Midland family on the road to adopting a teen from Ukraine

Midland family on the road to adopting a teen from Ukraine

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - It was almost a year ago, we told you a story about a Midland family who were looking to adopt a boy from Hungary. Although they're still in the waiting process, they ran into a surprise this summer that will change their family forever.

Three years ago, Lori and Jimmy Low decided to adopt, it led to them working with an agency in hopes of getting matched with a child. But the process required a lot of paperwork, and a whole lot of waiting.

"I was like 'Mommy, I want a little brother,'" said Presley Low, 8. "That's when she knew Jesus wanted us to adopt."

Although Presley is still waiting for his little brother to come home, he's also waiting for another surprise.

"Normally, I would play on my XBox or my iPad because my toys weren't fun to me," said Presley. "I had no one to play with."

"I was like, 'Yeah, we have to go for this,'" said Jimmy. "She [Lori] said, 'Don't tell me that because if you give me the thumbs up, we'll go home right now and we'll get started.'"

An orphaned teen from Ukraine was visiting his hosting family here in Midland. The hosting family, also friends with the Lows, brought him over for the day. But it was after that moment, they didn't think they'd consider the idea that this particular teen could potentially be the big brother Presley never had.

"We discussed it with Presley, we always want to make sure he's involved," said Jimmy.

"I said, "I was just thinking about that, that'd be weird if we actually adopted 'Big Brother,''" said Presley.

"When I met him, it literally took my breath away," said Lori. "I just knew that somehow, our futures were tied together. I didn't know how at the time, but it literally took my breath away."

The teen, who we're going to address as "Big Brother," was ready to head back to Ukraine, where he'd soon reach the age where he would no longer be eligible for adoption. But it was the Lows' decision that would change Big Brother's life forever.

"We were still in the process of adopting little brother and the time frame was so short, no matter how many obvious no's we ran into, we couldn't get past the idea God was telling us to get the ball rolling and I'll take care of everything else," said Jimmy.

This long prayer finally opened a door to a blessing.

"I was like, 'This isn't going to be so bad,'" said Presley. "I'm excited to get to at least have a brother."

The Lows are currently in the second round of paperwork. They will eventually travel to Ukraine to pick "Big Brother" up but there's no set date until all the paperwork is complete.

If you'd like to help bring "Big Brother" home, you can donate to the Lows here.

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