Odessa police cadets train on high speed chases

Odessa police cadets train on high speed chases

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - Cadets with the Odessa Police Department wrapped up a week of driver training with a real life opportunity to chase down a suspect. That suspect was actually an instructor but the adrenaline was just as real.

Recruit Damon McVay had a chance to chase his instructor, he was given the scenario the suspect was in a stolen vehicle.

"Adrenaline pumping, lights sirens going on, talking on the radio, trying to do five or six things at once and hopefully you don't mess up," said McVay.

Cpl. Rusty Martin with OPD wants the cadets and recruits work on something they're going to do daily and want to make it as realistic as possible.

"It's gonna be things that they're going to be focused on while driving," said Martin. "They're going to have to contend with traffic, to contend with listening to the radio and everything else that goes on while you're operating this vehicle under emergency conditions."

OPD's policy for pursuits is very specific officers only pursue on violent crimes and for suspects with criminal histories for safety reasons.

"Property crimes and things of that nature we're not so much going to pursue on those because the risk outweighs the reward of catching the individual for those things," said Martin.

McVay enjoys the challenge before hitting the streets with a badge.

"It's good training as far as handling these vehicles cause if you don't handle them it's a good possibility that you'd wreck it into something, somebody or pole."

Cadets are near the end of their training. This class has a total of six, they'll be graduating in December.

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