Midland resident recalls devastating earthquakes in Mexico

Midland resident recalls devastating earthquakes in Mexico

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - 2 earthquakes, exactly 32 years apart brought devastation to Mexico. One family in Midland is feeling the effects. They remember Sept. 19 as a day of chaos, as they struggled to get in contact with their family in Mexico City.

"Nobody here in the United States at the time had any idea of what the severity of it was," said Liz, a Midland resident.

Earthquakes are no surprise to Liz. She visits Mexico frequently.

"I think that would be too traumatic for me to sit here and calmly talk about it," she said.

Liz has experienced a small earthquake herself, but the quakes on Sept. 19, 32 years apart, make that day somber, thinking about what her family went through.

"I remember waking up early that day, me and my sister, getting ready to go to school," said Liz.

Just 10 years old, Liz was in the U.S., but those memories are still as vivid. Her family frantically called their loved ones to check on them.

"So much pain and so much chaos. Everybody was missing. Nobody knew where anyone was," she said.

The earthquake caused damage to phone lines making it impossible to get in touch with their loved ones.

"It wasn't like today where we have social media or cell phones," Liz said.

32 years later on the same day, a phone call from her husband flooded her with the same memories she felt decades ago.

"Their cell phone towers also were down this time around. It delayed the communication process but they weren't completely shut off," she said.

None of Liz's family was hurt during the earthquake, but she knows in a split second, tragedy can arise.

"We will continue to lift you up in prayer and we will continue to think about you and help and donate," said Liz.

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