Restaurant Report: 3 low performers in Midland & Odessa

Granado's (
Granado's (

MIDLAND-ODESSA, TX (KWES) - It was an extremely busy week for health inspectors in Midland and Odessa. Several restaurants achieved perfect scores on their reports. However, there were a number of places who made our low performer list.

Mi Piaci at 2607 N. Grandview Ave. in Odessa was cited for the following:

- Flour & bread crumb containers not labeled
- Equipment/utensils not stored properly
- Fly strips hanging in food prep area
- Chicken placed in cold hold station before cooling
- One reach-in cooler not working
- Pizza left out cold
- Dozen cheese containers not labeled/dated
- Several items not labeled/dated
- Thermometers not at every cold hold
- Food training certifications not immediately available (need physical copy)
- Flour bowl not covered
- Yeast container found uncovered

This resulted in the health inspector deducting 25 points from Mi Piaci. However, the health inspector went back the next day and everything had been corrected.

Hacienda Vieja Mexican Restaurant at 1701 N. Grant Ave. in Odessa was cited for the following:

- Grease bin lid open in alley
- Rice bin not labeled
- Ice scoop handle in ice machine
- Cooling beans not placed in cooler
- Rice not kept warm enough
- Soap/sanitizer not found at some sinks
- Current health permit not displayed
- Food handler cards for some employees not provided

This resulted in the health inspector deducting 21 points from Hacienda Vieja.

Granado's Café & Catering at 703 W. Wall St. in Midland was cited for the following:

- No soap/paper towels at hand wash sink
- Walk-in refrigerator covered with mold
- Uncovered sliced fruits
- Roaches & flies were found
- No covered trash containers in women's restroom
- Pots/pans need cleaning

This resulted in the health inspector deducting 20 points from Granado's Café.

As we mentioned, there were several places with perfect scores. Here's a look at Odessa's top performers:

- Flex 24 Fitness (4101 E. 42nd St.)
- Barbwire N Lace (2001 W. 16th St.)
- Taqueria Guadalajara (1301 S. Crane Ave.)
- Astro Bowl (150 E. 45th St.)
- Bush's Chicken (3901 N. Grandview Blvd.)
- The Coffee Shop (520 E. 6th St.)
- LZ's Jerky Shack (4760 W. University Blvd.)
- 7-Eleven (8700 Andrews Hwy.)
- La Margarita (1301 S. Grant Ave.)
- Barbara's Snack Bar (9301 Andrews Hwy.)
- McAlister's (2744 N. County Rd.)

Here's a look at Midland's top performers:

- Chili's Bar & Grill (2100 W. Loop 250 W)

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