Phone booth library goes up in Big Spring

Phone booth library goes up in Big Spring
Phone booth before redesign (Source: Eric Escamilla)
Phone booth before redesign (Source: Eric Escamilla)

BIG SPRING, TX (KWES) - Eric Escamilla is using every trick in the book to do some good for his community. You might remember him as the man behind the Big Spring blessing boxes.

"Like any project I get involved in, I just want to get the people to move forward," said Escamilla. "I thought it'd be a cool idea to get people to start reading again."

Using an old phone booth, he upcycled it to create a phone booth library, which sits right next to his blessing box.

"The blessing box is to feed your body. The library is to feed your mind," he said.

Inside, there's books for everyone. Visitors can simply borrow a book or leave a book. But it's a feeling of hope that Eric is leaving for others. For him, reading was his escape out of the dark.

"For me, the place I come from, there was no hope and no way out," said Escamilla. "But I knew I could get out if I just knew how. And books were the way out from me. I know if it's true for me, it's true for others. You can get out of anything you're going through life, as long as you have the knowledge to do so. You can't get knowledge if you don't know. You can't know if you don't read."

He hopes this message shows the door to knowledge, enjoyment and imagination comes with just the turn of a page.

"There is a place you can go that the wildest things can come true, that's inside of your mind," said Escamilla. "Those things can be lined up by what you read or what someone else has written. That's what I want kids to do, is to explore a place that's beyond imagination and has no limits. That's the mind of their individual."

The library is located on 205 W 15th St. in Big Spring. You can donate books from children's books to novels or magazines.

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