4 Midland College Volleyball players are far from home

4 Midland College Volleyball players are far from home

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - If you look at the Midland College volleyball roster, you might be surprised how many miles these players have traveled to continue playing the sport they love.

Hometowns for some of the Lady Chaps include cities in Italy, Serbia, Mexico, and Brazil, thousands of miles away from Midland, Texas.

After arriving in the Lone Star State, their English was put to the test.

On the court, the team's transplants thought they would feel at home. But the West Texas game has its differences.

"We play faster here. And then in America, you are more focused on physical strength and in Italy, you are more focused on techniques so it's pretty different," said Enia Agaj, a Midland College volleyball player.

The players say their relationships with each other and the mentorship of their coach made the transition to life in West Texas as smooth as it can be.

While several of the players share the goal to improve their game and land a spot at a four-year university, they are truly trying to assimilate to the culture in the Permian Basin.

"I bought boots so that's like the best thing," said Luisa Nieto, a Midland College volleyball player.

"Oh I went on a truck today so I think the truck. I've never seen a truck before. We don't have kind of trucks before in Europe so it was a new adventure," said Agaj.

On Wednesday night, the Lady Chaps will be trading out those boots for sneakers to take to the court against crosstown rivals, the Odessa College Wranglers.

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