Southeast Texas still needs help

Southeast Texas still needs help
West Texas food Bank in Odessa, TX. (Source: KWES.)

(KWES) - It has only been a few weeks since the devastation of Hurricane Harvey hit Southeast Texas.

From the Panhandle and all throughout the Permian Basin, more than 51 Rotary Clubs are collecting donations and money to help our Southeast Texas neighbors.

Mark Lowe, President-elect of the Midland Rotary Club, said, "West Texas has shown to be a very giving, very compassionate area of the country."

Craig Stoker of the West Texas Food Bank wants to remind people that the food bank is in it for the long-haul.

"This as we have been reminding everybody is a marathon, not a sprint. We have been collecting items and goods. We have a page on our website with a list of needs, we keep that updated. We are in constant contact with the E.O.C., which is the Emergency Outreach Center," said Stoker.

When donating canned food items, it is suggested to look for the top tabbed cans. This will allow people to easily open the cans without a can opener.

"You need food that you can just pop open from the top. Doesn't need to be cooked. People are getting back into their homes now. They may not have power, the utilities may need work to get gas back to their stoves and ovens. So we ask that you think about things that don't need to be cooked. They still need first aid items and personal hygiene items," said Stoker.

As the regional Rotary Club District 5730, they work with Feeding Texas, a non-profit organization based out of Austin, Texas.

Lowe added that a small donation to the West Texas Food Bank can go a long way.

"What we're encouraging the Rotarians to do and the public at-large is when you give $1 to the West Texas Food Bank, it provides 4 meals. We like that ratio," said Lowe.

The charity group plans to make a drop-off to Southeast Texas within the next couple of weeks.

If you would like to help out, additional information can be found here>

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