Oil company Weir will soon build a facility in Midland

Oil company Weir will soon build a facility in Midland
The global oil company Weir is on the road to getting a facility built in Midland.
This week, the Midland City Council approved the Midland Development Corporation's agreement with the oil company. It was a four year search to find who can occupy some space out of the 70-acre land they own on Interstate 20.

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - "We've had it for a very long time, we've banked it in hopes we could do something with it at some point in time," said Midland Development Corporation Chairman Brent Hilliard.

They hoped to make what's known as the David Mims Business Park into a spot for companies who are ready to open their business.

Right now, the David Mims Business Park is an empty lot, all you can see are three working wells and a lot of brush. But one day, 20 acres of it be turned into a 92,000 sq ft. facility.

"They're a global company, they'll be a good corporate citizen for our community," said Hilliard.

The MDC made an agreement with Weir and with the help of the Midland City Council, now the company can make steps forward to building their new facility.

As I looked at it and as our board looked at it, we thought this is a job preservation because we have jobs in Midland County,” said Hilliard. “Second, it's job creation because it's a possibility we can pull employees from other places.”

The MDC gave the company a grant of $1.8 million that'll be paid out in a 5 year period, but what made this deal a plus for the Tall City is with their three locations in the Midland/Odessa area, now it'll be consolidated into one.

"One has to think that'll lower cost for their clients, which translates to more economic activity in Midland," said Hilliard.

The four year search ended in a done deal in almost 90 days.

"We intend to help them push through all of their documentations and get all the city approvals necessary to start construction," said Hilliard. "4 years I spent time chasing opportunities and now it's just a matter of baking the cake."

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