Newly approved Goodwill location not welcomed by residents

Newly approved Goodwill location not welcomed by residents
Goodwill. (source: KWES)

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - A new Goodwill retail store in Midland is not getting such a warm welcome from their future neighbors. But after a unanimous 6-0 vote from the Midland City Council, the store will open as planned.

Mike Murphy, a close resident of the new location who supports the opening, said, "I drop clothes off there pretty frequently and it's just closer for me to go. I guess you could say."

But not everyone in the neighborhood is having that spirit.

27 neighbors did formally complain to the city and did not want the retail store to open because they were worried about the excessive traffic from trucks in their alleyway.

They also mentioned that the opening could possibly lower their property value.

However, Goodwill said they want to get ahead of their concerns.

Danielle Robertson, Director of Communications for West Texas, said, "We did have a neighborhood meeting with those neighbors, and we corroborated every way possible to make sure we heard their concerns and that we were listening, and we have a positive store environment at that location."

Goodwill, also released this statement: "Goodwill is focused on being a good neighborhood citizen, just as we are with the location of our store off W. Illinois Avenue. We want to continue to grow in Midland as an organization that unites caring and enterprise to empower people to make a positive impact in their community and in their lives through the power of work, especially for those who face barriers to employment. Our firm belief is that jobs build lives through hope, dignity and self-sufficiency and look forward to accomplishing that with our second location off Loop 250," said Robertson.

Midland City Councilman, Jeff Sparks, said that Goodwill will be submitting construction plans to build an 8-foot fence to visibly block and hopefully lessen the sound of loading trucks.

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