Midland Rockhounds supporters in section 10

Midland Rockhounds supporters in section 10

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - At every home game for the Midland Rockhounds, in section 10, rows A and B, you'll find a particular group of fans.

7 people, hunkered near home plate, who were strangers before they sat together at Security Bank Ballpark.

"Baseball brought us together, yep it's a baseball family," said Linda Parker and Olga Kovacich, Midland Rockhounds fans.

They've all been going to the games since the Rockhounds name was coined, almost 19 years ago.

This group has witnessed the hounds bring home the Texas League title for the past 3 years. This week they're cheering on their hounds as they face off against the Tulsa Drillers in pursuit of yet another championship.

"It's been amazing, yes and to have a 4th opportunity is just a blessing," said Linda Parker.

These fans don't just support their Rockhounds in the stands. They often open up their homes to players in need of a place to stay.

Right now J.P. Sportman is staying with Olga Kovacich.

"It's a great program and we really get attached to the boys… she has some that she's kept, Matt Chapman stayed at her house and he's now playing for the A's," said Linda Parker.

This home-stay program allows them to befriend the players, but some of their most special relationships are found in the stands.

"The comradery of the people that we sit with," said Linda Parker.

While they can't all win Midland Rockhounds fan of the year, a couple of them have in the past and if they keep up their near perfect attendance, those who have yet to be crowned just might be in the future.

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