Odessa City Manager fired from position by City Council

Odessa City Manager fired from position by City Council
Richard Morton (Source: City of Odessa website)

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - In an executive session Tuesday night, the Odessa City Council decided to remove the City Manager from his position.

City Manager Richard Morton was removed and fired by a 3-2 vote by the council.

"Obviously I think they've made a bad decision but guess what it's their decision to make. As a professional we all have to live with that decision," said Morton.

We're told he was removed due to job performance as he wasn't doing things the city council felt he should be doing. He had worked in the position for over 15 years.

Some of those things include the Mexico Initiative and water issues within the city.

"A small group of people in the City of Odessa that don't want to see it, come out. They don't want to see it. Why," said Filberto Gonzales, Councilman for District 5.

The Mexico Initiative, which was announced back in Oct. 2016, involved a plan to bring thousands of jobs to the area and that it would take about 2 years. As we've reported, the initiative would bring international trading, about 20,000 jobs and lots of economic growth.

Morton had supporters during the meeting from residents to others on city council.

"We have a grand project growing downtown. We've got things we should be positive about and we're fighting everyday," said Dewey Bryant, Councilman for District 2.

As the emotions of the decision were still to raw, most members of city council declined to go on camera Tuesday.

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