Community sounds off on Dixie song dilemma

Community sounds off on Dixie song dilemma

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - To play Dixie or not to play Dixie, that's been the question since the song was pulled last month.

"Some people don't realize words still offend and words still hurt," said Dr. John McAfee Sr., who supported the decision.

"It's a good song. It's a tradition. When they hear Dixie they don't think oh I need to go get some slaves. It's not about that," said Chris Gafford who was against the decision.

For the community, Monday night's meeting was about voicing their opinions on a tune that was playing at football games up until August.

"They say they are doing it to be proactive. They are being proactive against something no more real than the boogeyman," said Gafford.

"Being a minority respect the wishes, don't bring on extra hurt don't remind us of our troubled past. Don't remind us of our troubled past. Remind us of what's going on today," said McAfee.

Six people spoke during the public part of the meeting.  At times, it got testy. At the root of the issue, is the meaning of the song.

"It's actually a reminder to who was in charge," said McAfee.

"They don't hear oh the south is great. I wish we had another Civil War. What it's about here is about Lee High School and it's tradition of excellence," said Gafford.

A meaning that has those who are pro and anti-Dixie looking for a solution.

"As long as we are a public school I'm opposed to it being played at all. Someone wants to play it in their residence or having small events and things like that, I have no problem with it," said McAfee.

"Put Dixie back and leave it alone. It's worked now for 50, 55, 60 years. It hasn't been an issue. Nobody has been held back. Nobody's life has been affected because they played Dixie," said Gafford.

Lee principal Stan Van Hoozer said removing the song had to do with student safety. It's not the school's fight song. Others believed in letting those same students vote on keeping it or not.

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