Local Jeep club remembers fallen 9/11 first responders

Local Jeep club remembers fallen 9/11 first responders

(KWES) - It's a day many Americans will never forget when over 400 first responders lost their lives on Sept. 11. For the Texas Tactical Jeep Club, they remember every single year. They're giving back to show support to their local heroes.

"It's a horrific thing that happened and I hope people never forget what happened," said Texas Tactical Jeep Club President JD Anderson. "We don't need to take light of what's happening in our country and what's happening around the world."

With flags up and Jeeps fueled, the club is heading out to serve first responders Monday evening, dropping off food and drinks to police stations, fire departments, sheriff's offices and UTPB police. They said it's a way to show their support on a day when hundreds of first responders didn't make it home.

"It's a thank you for everything they do," said Tess Talley, a member of the club. "It takes time away from their family. They can't make plans to do stuff with their kids from school, they've got to be out there and be ready for whatever happens in their community."

Last year, the club dropped off the deliveries in Odessa but this year, they're making sure even Midland first responders aren't left out.

"Since we've grown and had quite a few of our Midland members, we're going to take care of all the first responders over there as well as Odessa this year," said Anderson.

You may even catch them driving around, Jeep after Jeep, while spreading a message of appreciation.

"We don't want people to ever forget what happened," said Anderson. "We want them to understand our local first responders are vital in our community. If you have to make that call to 911, they're going to be right there at their doorstep. We need to make sure we remember those who were there for us."

The club said if it weren't for the community's donations from Sewell, Firehouse Subs, Bahama Bucks, Slater Controls and Tetra Technologies, these deliveries wouldn't have been possible.

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