Midland Fire Department kicks off the 9/11 weekend to honor the lives lost

Midland Fire Department kicks off the 9/11 weekend to honor the lives lost

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - September 11 was a tragic event that shook the country.

"Not only just firemen and police officers but all the innocent civilians who lost their lives that day," said Captain Lyndal Watkins with the Midland Fire Department. "It's catastrophic for everyone and it set us on a whole new path. It didn't just unite the country, it united the world against evil."

And uniting, is exactly what the Midland Fire Department is doing this weekend. On Saturday, they spent time with their community to give back, but also remembered those who put their lives on the line 16 years ago.

"We open up our doors and just let them know we're always going to be here," said Watkins. "That's our business is helping them and being community servants, public servants at that. That's our main job is to take care of them and we'll risk a lot to save a lot."

The department held an open house along with a Bob Schneider charity concert to bring the community together. Families got to spend time firefighters and check out emergency vehicles.

"This is also a way for the public to take part to make sure that they never forget," said Battalion Chief Drew Peters.

This weekend pays tribute to those who gave their all.  In between the lines, there's a reminder that no matter how old you are, Midlanders show support to their local heroes.

"They gave a lot to especially the community and it's important for us to give back to them for everything they do. From waking up to calls in the middle of the night to being heroes," said Daja Turner.

All proceeds go to the Professional Firefighter Association of Midland's Benevolence Fund. The fund helps citizens of Midland and first responders in a time of crisis. If you missed Saturday's event, you can also show support at the Tall City Memorial Stair Climb on Sunday September 10. Only first responders can take part in the climb, where they will walk up the Wilco Building five times in honor of the 411 fallen first responders from the 9/11 attacks. It's from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.

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