Atmospheric water generation company helping Harvey victims

Atmospheric water generation company helping Harvey victims

(KWES) - Contaminated water and shortages are always a concern during natural disasters like Hurricane Harvey. One company might have the solution to the problem and its floating in the very air we breathe.

Hurricane Harvey left thousands of south Texans searching for water and waiting in long lines, sometimes to find steep price hikes.

As water became more scarce, a Texas company stepped up to fulfill the growing need.

"Free, no bottled water, we were just pumping that water in," said John Vollmer, president and CEO of AWG Technology. "What we were doing was running under a tent all day long and handing out water."

They were using a new technology that allows them to pull humidity from the air and change it to drinking water.

The company packed up one of their smaller units and headed near Houston to give out the free water.

"The police were so in awe and first responders that they actually set up their SUVs because they know that they could get water," said Vollmer.

A small unit can make up to 120 gallons of water a day and can be powered by electricity, natural gas, methane, wind power, and solar, making it ideal during emergency situations.

"Water has always been very heavy to move around, haul around, with this technology we just come in, set our units down and they immediately start generating water," said Joe Rivera with AWG Technology.

Depending on the humidity, turbines either speed up or slow down, but either way, water is produced in seconds.

After hearing about the service the company offered near Houston, The National Guard asked them to also help out in Sealy, Texas.

"They may be hauling this water out to their national guard guys and gals. They may need it for showers. We don't know until we get there," said Vollmer.

The company will be traveling to Sealy this week and hope to go to Beaumont as the city currently has a boil water notice in effect.

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