Midland family back home after being stuck on cruise ship during Hurricane Harvey

Midland family back home after being stuck on cruise ship during Hurricane Harvey

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - A family is now back home in Midland after being stuck at sea during Hurricane Harvey. Their 7-day cruise turned into a week and a half long trip.

It's back to work for Brodi Sims and her mother, putting out new finds in their store from their cruise vacation, but their trip this year didn't go as smoothly.

"I honestly didn't know that there was any hurricane that was supposed to happen," said Brodi Sims.

The family flew into Galveston and set sail August 20 then finding out the schedule to the cruise would be changed.

They would stay an extra day in Mexico to avoid Harvey making landfall on August 25.

"We were able to kind of watch on the TV what was going on in Houston. There was panic throughout but we were fine, we were praying for them hoping the best for them to get home," said Sims.

Many of the passengers on the cruise were from the Houston area, doing their best to enjoy the trip before they return home to chaos.

"She was sitting there crying and I went over and hugged her because we had talked all week. It was pretty devastating to her to know that she has to go home to no home," said Sabrina Edwards, Brodi's mother.

The ship was stuck at sea while waiting for Harvey to dissipate. Instead of going back to Galveston, it docked in New Orleans, where some passengers like the Sims and her family chose to get off.

"It was definitely confusion on what to do, where are we going to be?" said Sims.

The family realized so many of the friends they met on the cruise would be going home to a disaster zone, but for that short while, many of them were able to vacation away from their reality.

"They would bring on new comics, new jazz bands, just stuff to keep us entertained and really to keep our mind off it. Just to try to enjoy and worry about it when you get home because there is nothing we can do," said Sims.

The other passengers who chose not to get off in New Orleans, didn't make it back to Galveston until this Saturday, almost two weeks after the ship first set sail.

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