Travelers talk about gas during Labor Day weekend

Travelers talk about gas during Labor Day weekend
(Source: KWES) Prices at the pump.

(KWES) - This Labor Day weekend, the talk of the town was all about gas. But not necessarily about the prices.

"Gas prices not so much. We were really concerned about the shortage that we heard about the gas all around the area, and see if there was or even we would be able to find enough gas to get home," said Jody Leggett. who was staying in Midland over the Labor Day weekend.

The concern wasn't just here in the Permian Basin. Laura Boyd, who came into town from San Antonio, said she was a little worried before she hit the road.

"Half the gas stations in San Antonio ran out of gas. I was able to fill up, wanted to come see my parents for the long weekend, so it was a concern but there was plenty of gas all the way here," said Boyd.

AAA said the national price of gas is $2.63, which isn't too far off from prices in Midland and Odessa. ranked the West Coast at paying the highest prices at the pump with California drivers spending well over than $3 per gallon at the pump.

Here in Permian Basin, the price at the pump is still much lower than that.

"The most I think I saw was $2.79, and we went from $2.19 where we lived to $2.59. Then I saw it at $2.79 when we got here and into town," said Leggett.

But Boyd said there was one thing she wasn't shocked about.

"I have lived in Texas all my life. I am never shocked by gas prices," said Boyd.

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