Midland Humane Coalition soon-to-be wellness and treatment center can help displaced pets

Midland Humane Coalition soon-to-be wellness and treatment center can help displaced pets

Hundreds of animals from Texas were transported to several rescues around the country.

States as far as New Jersey, California and even Washington have taken in those animals to allow Harvey owners stay close to their pets that were placed in local shelters.

For the Midland Humane Coalition, they hope if another tragic event were to strike again, their soon-to-be Wellness and Treatment Center will provide a temporary sanctuary for animals.

"Just like with Hurricane Harvey right now and all the displaced pets, we have designed the facility to be able to have a larger capacity in case for growth," said Midland Humane Coalition Kelly Wright. "In this emergency situation, we need to be able to house other pets and everything, we would be able to do that."

Right now, the Midland Humane Coalition operates inside of PetSmart. With the 30,000 square foot facility, they could house 400 pets, provide vet services, isolation observation for sick animals and have space for pet exercise.

"We'd actually be able to put mobile kennels in here so that way we can hold more pets and get them back to their owners," said Wright.

The $3 million center is halfway through receiving donations before they can break ground. To help them reach their goal, you can visit their website here.

"We do plan on offering our low-cost spay and neuter and vaccinations in our community," said Wright. "We got to make an impact and that's the best way we're going to do that."

They hope with more donations, they can be the temporary home for four-legged friends in another emergency situation.

The Midland Humane Coalition also took part in taking Harvey donations to Southeast Texas but after rescues in the affected areas received an overwhelming response, they called a stop due to too many donations. They will have more donations headed to the affected areas on September 11 for a third trip.

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