After sending trailers with donations to South Texas, Odessa woman prepares to visit for first time

After sending trailers with donations to South Texas, Odessa woman prepares to visit for first time

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - West Texans have stepped up for their neighbors in south Texas, donating food, water, and personal items. Now that the storm has passed, clean up is beginning in many grief stricken areas and one woman is sending a third trailer to help with relief efforts.

Today is a big day for Krisha Marker. After filling up two trailers worth of supplies in the past week and sending them off to the South Texas, she finally gets to hand deliver her third trailer of donations to Harvey victims in Victoria.

"Texas is strong. Texas will always be strong," she said. "Now that we have gotten through aspects of the major devastation, now there's a clean-up time and process that continues."

With many residents starting to clean their damaged homes, a new need for a different sort of supplies has emerged.

"Trash bags, lots and lots of trash bags. Most important factor that we need come with something to keep the mosquitoes away," said Marker.

Marker is working closing with State Representative Brooks Landgraf. He's alerted her to what supplies are needed and where to send them to.

"He has stayed in touch with each and every county. Just trying to help with the efforts of making sure that we reach out from this area where we have been blessed to be able to help those counties that need our help the most," said Marker.

As Marker packed up and prepared to make the long trek to Victoria, she is most excited to meet those she has helped.

"For me to actually pull up and see the eyes and the faces of people that desperately need it, I'm very excited to be a part of that. Merely making sure that people are aware of that there are still people in the world that love no matter what or who they are," said Marker.

Marker is hoping to fill up a fourth trailer when she gets back from Victoria. If you would like to donate, you can contact her on her company Facebook page here:

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