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Ector Co. sticking to their education roots, giving back to those in South Texas

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Food, clothes and personal hygiene items have been gathered by organizations across the state to donate to the victims of Hurricane Harvey. 

But one Odessa music teacher wanted to focus on something that could be overlooked. 

Lara Buckingham, a music teacher at Downing Elementary School, said, "I mean who thinks of school supplies when water is rising in your home, and you are being rescued?"  

Trudy Downey, who is also a teacher, says a lot goes into preparing for the school year.

The teachers came up with the idea together and pitched it to the district. After that, all were on board. 

That's just some of the supplies that teachers need to make sure their classroom is good-to-go on the first day of school.  

The young students, are also learning a lesson of giving to our fellow Texans, and don't want them to suffer.  

"You can't do anything fun at school," said Luis Estrada. 

"Of how we are donating it because they have lost everything," said Brianna Acuna

If you are wanting to bring on supplies to the schools, just keep it simple. 

"You need exactly what you child needed to start with a back pack, a pencil, crayons, markers, scissors, glue, paper," said Downey. 

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