Officials say don't believe hype behind gas shortage

Officials say don't believe hype behind gas shortage

MIDLAND-ODESSA, TX (KWES) - Drivers in the Basin and West Texas, don't believe the hype. Rumors of a gas shortage were just that, rumors.

"People over react to whatever has happened," said Morris Burns, an oil & gas expert.

The shutdown of two refineries made it difficult to get the gas where it needed to be. Because of that, drivers felt the need to fill up when they didn't have to.

"Everybody gets out and tops off. It does create a shortage," said Burns.

A shortage for gas stations. Gas expert Morris Burns says when everyone goes to the pump many of those same stations weren't ready for the high volume of drivers.

"People running out to fill up creates demand and the supply is cut down," said Burns.

Officials from the Texas Railroad Commission, City of Odessa and Midland Police say don't go to the gas station unless you need it.

"I'd keep it half full. But you don't need to go fill it up every time you go around the block and top it off again," said Burns.

Officials said while there isn't a shortage, prices did go up .15. It's expected to level off by mid-September.

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