Houston area evacuee overwhelmed with support from West Texas

Houston area evacuee overwhelmed with support from West Texas

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Your generosity is helping fill trucks with supplies for Harvey victims. NewsWest 9, in partnership with H-E-B and The West Texas Food Bank, have been collecting donations this week.

"Any little thing will add up with everything else and I'm sure they can use anything and everything," said Allison Smith, who donated.

Every little bit counts is the mentality many Midlanders are coming grocery shopping with and leaving donations at the door. Kent McDonald is an evacuee from the Houston area and said that mentality is true.

"I just got a little overwhelmed and because I was watching so many people just helping their neighbors out, just person after person coming and dropping off bags," said McDonald. "You just feel like you're not alone in the thing."

If you're not sure what to donate or what's still needed the best thing to do is donate at the check stand, you can choose from $1, $3 or $5. Personal hygiene items and food are still needed.

Smith knows if West Texas were going through a catastrophe, our neighbors would help just as much.

"It's really sad, we know a lot of people in those areas and some have been affected worse than others but even if you don't know them, I'm born and raised in Texas, I love my Texans and I can't even imagine," said Smith.

McDonald traveled with 8 others, 4 of them kids, they've been staying with family and haven't had a chance to asses damage yet.

"We just happen to be in an area that's not affected by the floodwater, high wind damage, so far so good, we won't know until we get back and hopefully insurance will cover it," said McDonald.

McDonald hopes his family can head back within the next couple of days.

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