Local Midland man uses boat to help victims of Hurricane Harvey

Local Midland man uses boat to help victims of Hurricane Harvey
(Source: Michael Stevens)

(KWES) - While some were fleeing South Texas, others ran to the front of the line. Michael Stevens was one of thousands of people that ran to the front lines.

Stevens also says what surprised him the most was the rush of others from around the nation coming into help.

Trucks were lined with trailers pulling boats, ready to rescue people.

"When I was leaving, it seemed like there were more people coming into the city to help out then there were refugees trying to leave the city," said Stevens.

All the volunteers worked closely with the Texas National Guard.

"Flooded and under water from there, we launched the boat and listened to the national guard and we did what they needed us to do. We had to go pick up boat loads of people, literally got loads of people from their houses and other areas," said Stevens.

Through the devastation of the aftermath that was left by Hurricane Harvey, Stevens says after rescuing a group of people, he was extremely impressed with one family's strength of being Texas strong.

"They got on the boat, their house was completely flooded. But they were laughing and joking and still having fun. They even made the joke that this was their first cruise in America. Even though the cruise being us rescuing them from a flooded house and it was cool to see how everyone was still upbeat about the whole situation."

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