Hurricane Harvey's effect on the McClendon Family

Hurricane Harvey's effect on the McClendon Family

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - In the midst of Hurricane Harvey, Coach Greg McClendon's mind has been with his old quarterback, his son Mason McClendon. The two of them lead the Midland Christian Mustangs to three straight state titles, the first father-son duo to do so in Texas high school football history.

"Honestly, it was a little bit tough when he graduated because we didn't know really anything without each other to some extent because he grew up here in the field house. So we had some severe withdrawals for a few months right after that," said Greg McClendon.

After graduation, Mason McClendon headed to the University of Houston to continue playing football, but the Houston Cougars recently found themselves in the middle of this destructive storm. The team evacuated to Austin, which proved to be a difficult task for many Houston natives.

"A lot of those players were leaving families, they were worried about them and some of those families were gonna stick around and wait it out. It's still a very emotional deal for them. I can't imagine not being able to get a hold of my son if he were still in Houston," said Greg McClendon.

The Houston coaching staff ensured parents that they will not return until conditions are safer.

"His truck is still parked at the University of Houston and it could very well be like a rubber ducky in a tub right now. We don't know and the best about that is that's the only thing we have to worry about. We know that our loved one is safe and there's a lot of people right now that don't," said Greg McClendon.

While Mason knows his family is safe out in the desert, Coach McClendon says his son is worried about the families of his teammates.

"I told him yesterday I said, 'I'm sorry you're game got canceled.' He said, 'Dad, at that time 20 people had passed away.' He said football is not really important right this minute. So yeah, that whole group is emotional, it's a close group and a tough time for them," said Greg McClendon.

While his son's season is on hold, Midland Christian's must go on, their first game is Friday night against El Paso Eastwood.

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