Houston man volunteering, hoping to help home all the way from Odessa

Houston man volunteering, hoping to help home all the way from Odessa

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - A Houston man is finding a way to help his community all of the way from Odessa. He moved here less than a year ago for a job but most of his family,  including his 6-year-old daughter, still live in Houston.

Not many people get to say they lived through a hurricane but Sam Saleh has lived through four.

"My heart is in Houston," said Saleh. "It's just amazing that everybody got together and even though they're not FEMA or The Red Cross, they're just normal people who left their jobs for a couple of days to help out and give to the people that need help."

Saleh is originally from Egypt, he's lived all around the U.S. but has spent the last 15 years in Houston. That's where he still has hundreds of friends, about 30 family members and his most prized possession.

"My daughter. My number one," said Saleh. "She's 6-years-old. When I heard the news, I talked to her and she started crying. My heart just started pounding faster and I wish I was there to comfort her because I've been through it before and I know how it is."

Nine months ago, Saleh moved to the Permian Basin for a job, he lost that job in April. Although he hasn't made it back home yet, helping has filled part of that void.

"When I heard about it, my eyes just lit up and without even thinking I got up, took a shower, got dressed and I said I'm here to help," said Saleh.

Several have offered to drive Saleh to Houston to visit family, he's appreciative of the offers and hopes many find peace through this tragedy.

"We don't need a disaster for everybody to come together and help each other," said Saleh. "It seems to me like every time we get together is because of a disaster, which is really sad. Regardless the color, religion, whatever it is, I think we all need to get together and stick together, not just in disaster."

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