Volunteers transporting close to 2,000 cases of water to hurricane victims

Volunteers transporting close to 2,000 cases of water to hurricane victims

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - The relief efforts for Hurricane Harvey have grown. Adrian Chavarria and his partner, Sergio, with NS Trucking are taking part in those efforts, packing cases and cases of water along with other donations to help Hurricane victims.

"That's the way Texas has always been. Texans come together in a time of need," said Chavarria. "We're doing this out of the kindness of our hearts."
It all started with two pallets of water but in less than two days, it escalated to six trailers. That's more than 2,000 packs of water that will be headed to Southeast Texas.

The need for water in the southeast is crucial. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton says prices have jumped from $5 a case, to $42, even retailers hiking the price as high as $99.

"It started off as water but we saw what other necessities were needed," said Chavarria.

For Chavarria, who used to live down on the coast, it hits him personally. He's seen it all himself, hurricane after hurricane.

"When I lived in Houston, I went through Katrina, Ike, Rita. I've been through all that. I know how it is to evacuate, how it is to lose everything. We had to start back up. Everything you worked so hard for is gone. I wouldn't want anyone to experience this. I wouldn't wish this upon anybody," said Chavarria.

Adrian's children, who live in Houston, fortunately didn't get hit from the storm. And even with family and friends in mind, he's making sure strangers are getting that care, too. He's stopping through every city from Victoria, Woodsboro, Rockport and holding onto faith. He's reminding those, they won't be left behind.

"It's in my heart. Stay strong. Keep faith," said Chavarria. "God is watching over you. It may take time, it may be frustrating but we're coming to help."

The volunteers will be parked outside the Ector County Coliseum for the next couple of weeks. They are taking other donations from clothing, adult diapers, baby products, non-perishables and food that can be refrigerated. They will have a refrigerated trailer with them.

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