Midland students welcomed to the first day of school

Midland students welcomed to the first day of school

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Thousands of parents and students went back to school Monday in Midland, including hundreds of students going to the new General Tommy Franks Elementary. Those who showed up to the former Crockett Elementary found a very inspiring message.

"New start, new beginning," that's the message many saw as they walked onto the elementary. It's also what parents and staff are looking for this school year. Students, are just glad to be back in the classroom.

"Tell me what you're doing today?" we asked kindergartener, Kayden Marino. "I'm going to school," he said.

"Just going to school makes me excited," said first-grader, Mason Williamson.

"Are you happy you're leaving your parents today or are you kind of sad," we asked Marino. "I'm kind of happy," he said.

Mason went to Fasken Elementary last year, he's excited for the new year and came prepared for show and tell.

"I brought a penny because my moms a lucky penny and I brought a nickel because my dad is a lucky little knucklehead," said Mason.

Although Monday's excitement is contagious, Mason is ready for his favorite day during the school year.

"Definitely, it was the last day," said Mason. "We had like hurdles, we were just running, having a lot of fun and the best part about it, there was tug-of-war."

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