Big Spring woman still youthful at 99-years-old

Big Spring woman still youthful at 99-years-old

BIG SPRING, TX (KWES) - Evelyn Carter flicks through the pages of the newspaper on a Sunday afternoon. She's just noticing she made front page of the paper after watching last week's solar eclipse.

"I didn't even see this in the Herald!" she said. "Well, how 'bout that?"

Carter was born shortly after the total solar eclipse of 1918 and just witnessed last week's. With 99 years between those two events, she's planning for the next seven years to catch the next one. Carter, 99, not only carries a positive mindset, but many years of wisdom and a whole lot of character.

"My advice to anyone who wants to be 99, eat a lot of sweets!" she said.

For Carter, life is sweet, and she has her family to thank for.

"That's my daughter right there," Carter said, pointing at a picture of herself and her daughter, Susan Durham. "She comes to see me almost every day. Isn't that wonderful?"

Durham visits her mother at Marcy Place, an assisted living home in Big Spring. Each visit leaves a smile on her mother's face.

"Life has its ups and downs and I've seen mom go through a lot," said Durham.

Carter's husband Gale, whom she met in college but passed away in 1993, was someone she's loved and lost. Married for 50 years, they kept a secret love that didn't stop her from doing what she loved, teaching.

"We had to keep our marriage a secret because married teachers weren't allowed to teach," said Carter. "Of course, I wanted to teach so I had to act like I wasn't married. It wasn't too hard!"

But even though loss, Carter continues to smile, a reminder that no matter how old you are, never let age be the eclipse to a long and youthful life.

"Don't worry about everything, take things in stride," Carter said. "You can't over-worry about everything 'cause you'd never get through it."

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