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Midland Fire Department program teaches citizens, businesses what to do during active shooter situation

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From 2000 to 2015, there were more than 200 active shooter situations in the country and with recent tragedies, the Midland Fire Department is training the public on how to stay safe.

In a split second, your world could change forever.

"Midland has a good chance of having on as well," said Captain Jayme Farmer.

It's all about being prepared for anything,

"We're not naive to think that it couldn't happen here," said Farmer.

Farmer is a 21 year veteran of the Fire Department, seeing just about everything in Midland, except an active shooter, but that doesn't mean the department isn't prepared.

Despite getting the proper tools ready, public awareness is important before a tragedy to help save lives.

"The key principles are avoid, deny, and defend," said Farmer. "We are trying to get out to the community, the schools, the businesses, putting this program on for free."

Farmer started the Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events Program, also known as CRASE.

It's the only program of its kind here locally and aims to teach the public how to stay alive in the event someone open fires.

"The problem is not getting better. It's getting worse and no one likes to talk about it," said Farmer.

The program is available to anyone in the community and Farmer believes it is important now, more than ever.

"With  the tensions that the nation is seeing right now. There is always a chance for an active shooter event, whether it's a citizen of the United States or a Terrorist," said farmer.

The fire department offers this class to the public for free. All you need to do to sign up is call the central fire station at (432)-685-7332.

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