Local family helping their own after evacuation from Corpus Christi

Local family helping their own after evacuation from Corpus Christi

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - Denise Borunda is making dinner.

"Chile Verde. I'm trying to make it hot but not too hot. The family doesn't eat hot stuff," said Borunda.

She making it for 10-12 family members. They evacuated Corpus Christi just as Hurricane Harvey was making its way.

"They're worrying about the flood. They're worrying about houses being gone. Stuff flying everywhere. It's kind of stressful," said Borunda.

She says her family packed photos, their pets, anything they could get their hands on before they made the drive to Odessa.

"We're just trying to grasp reality knowing it's a big thing not knowing what they are going to come back home to," said Borunda.

A sobering reality for her and her family especially those close to her that stayed behind.

"I guess Harvey is going to impact us no matter where we live. Either we are going to be over there and picking up pieces or they're going to be over here getting away from stuff from over there," said Borunda.

Many families locally are facing or will be facing the same situation. Borunda has advice for you.

"Where 1 fit, 5 fit. Where 5 fit, 15 fit. Just try to make room for everybody," said Borunda.

Borunda and her husband plan on going to South Texas to visit other family and bring supplies. They don't mind taking supplies for others in the community as well.

If you want to get supplies to Borunda you can reach her at (432) 559-9376.

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