Local organizations preparing to help with Hurricane Harvey relief efforts, blood donations needed

Local organizations preparing to help with Hurricane Harvey relief efforts, blood donations needed

(KWES) - As Hurricane Harvey approaches the coast, preparations across the state are being made, including right here in the Basin.

Hurricane Harvey will soon make landfall. The storm has already upgraded to a Category 4 hurricane.

As the storm inches closer, the local American Red Cross chapter has already made plans on how to help those in the path of the storm.

"We have a standard capacity that is available. We spent the last few days bring that capacity online, putting it on standby and moving resources into the region," said Edward McPherson, Volunteer Public Information Officer with the Permian Basin American Red Cross.

The Red Cross estimates the response efforts will cost between $5-10 million dollars. Right now, one local volunteer has been deployed to the affected area, but the organization is prepared to send more resources as the storm develops.

"We certainly don't want people waiting any longer than they have to for the help that they need," said McPherson.

Another organization is preparing for the storm in a different way.

"We never have enough blood," said Dianne Scott, Senior Donor Recruitment Representative with United Blood Services. "Blood banks, blood mobiles, people, they won't be there. So we need to be ready for them."

United Blood Services is scrambling for donors as donation centers shut down throughout the southeastern part of the state.

Storms can cause tragic accidents and the blood banks says they want to be prepared if and when, they get a call where blood is needed.

"We are hoping more people will come to the blood drives, so we can get more blood in and that more people will think about where this blood is going to," said Scott.

If you are interested in donating to the Red Cross, you can visit:http://rdcrss.org/1OjHxYG. You can choose to donate directly to Hurricane Harvey relief efforts.

If you would like to donate blood, visit: http://www.bloodhero.com. You can put in your zip code to find a blood drive near you.

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