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General who led troops in Afghanistan invasion speaks on President Trump's recent decision

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General Tommy Franks was in the Tall City on Thursday. He grew up in Midland and now has a school named after him.

Franks lead Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan after the September 11 attacks. He also lead Operation Iraqi Freedom before his retirement in 2003.

"It's a lot easier to start a war then it is to stop one," said Franks.

General Franks considers Midland his home.

"I still have a lot of friends who live in Midland," he said.

He's a product of the school system and went on to become a four-star general in the Army.

"The situation in Afghanistan has been accurately described by a lot of people as very, very difficult," said Franks.

President Trump announced on Monday, he plans on sending about 4,000 more troops to the country. Franks says the solution to the war is complicated but he has faith in current military leadership.

"I know all of them. They are very bright," said Franks. "They have great judgment. If that is what they want to do and if America will support what they want to do, then adding more troops in Afghanistan, may be the right thing to do."

Franks says the original goal in getting rid of Al-Qaeda was a success, but he says fixing the government in Afghanistan has proven to be the biggest challenge.

"The thing that we have not been able to successfully complete is the in-state for Afghanistan, where they can elect quality people. People who represent their own population and take care of them," said Franks.

Although Franks trusts in the military's decision, he doesn't think the road to end the war will be simple or quick.

"I'll issue this caution, that does not mean that we are going to find solving the problem in Afghanistan to be easy. It's going to very, very hard for a long time," said Franks.

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