Preseason without two-a-days

Preseason without two-a-days

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - In April, the NCAA banned two-a-days, meaning this fall, a day of preseason training could only consist of a single practice followed by a walk-through.

"I think being able to walk through in the evening and eliminating the second practice has probably served us better," said Justin Carrigan, head football coach at the University of Texas of the Permian Basin.

Better for team development, as Carrigan thinks his boys are about right where he'd want them to be, and compared to this time last year.

"It's very premature but just perception, we're a lot bigger and a lot faster," said Carrigan.

But is the purpose behind the ban of two-a-days being fulfilled?

"I can't say. It's been a healthier camp for us," said Coach Carrigan.

The NCAA banned two-a-day practice to reduce exertion and promote recovery, as well as to cut down on blows to the head, but that's not the only change to preseason training.with two-a-days eliminated. Pre-season training camps are longer, which means the Falcons had an earlier report date.

"Every day that you have to feed 100 football players and staff and trainers and everybody in the cafeteria three times a day and pay for your housing earlier  is an added cost. So for the schools, without the million dollar TV contracts and bowl game money and things of that nature, it puts a greater strain economically on us to come in early," said Carrigan.

Carrigan thinks this preseason structuring is like anything else, a work in progress. But one thing is for sure, the work that his teams put in will be on display on September 2 during the Falcons first home game of the season.

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