New "Community Camera Program" looks to aid Midland Police

New "Community Camera Program" looks to aid Midland Police

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Solving cases quicker.

"People understand or believe that we operate under the television time span of an hour or thirty minutes," Lt. Alfredo Grimaldo, Midland Police Department.

The Midland Police Department hopes their new Community Camera Program helps them do just that.

"The purpose of it is for us to know if there is a camera system where we might be able to get some fast evidentiary information from them through the recordings that they've captured," said Grimaldo.

Grimaldo got the program off the ground. The home or business owner would register the camera they have to help Midland Police.

"A lot of time without them knowing it they might actually capture somebody doing something or committing a crime in another residence down the road," said Grimaldo.

MPD would only ask the camera owner in the area of the crime for what they have.

"We do not remote access into their information. We won't have anymore access than we already have," said Grimaldo.

If surveillance from past crime shows, this program is made to keep the community safe.

"We're only wanting to use this in case some major incident happens or even some petty crime happens in their neighborhood," said Grimaldo.

Because it's all about getting the criminals off the streets. MPD says a handful of residents have already signed up.

If you want more information on how to register click here:

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