Petition aimed to change the name of Robert E Lee High School

Petition aimed to change the name of Robert E Lee High School
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MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - What started out as a letter posted on Facebook soon turned into a petition. A petition, that one Lee High School graduate, hopes can bring change.

"With just having a few people, I think is powerful, but just having the support of people that are the product of MISD or family members that lived in Midland would be more powerful," said Ritha Belizaire, a Lee High graduate.

Belizaire attended Lee Freshman and graduated Lee High in 1998. She and other alumni are asking the City of Midland and Midland Independent School District Superintendent Orlando Riddick to change the name of Robert E. Lee High School.

The district tells us that board members named the high school after general Robert E. Lee when the school opened in 1961.

"What we thought is we should have a name that best reflects the student body and reflects how immensely proud we are to have a diverse group of people," said Belizaire. "Robert E. Lee's legacy wasn't the best way to represent that."

The letter discusses the background of Robert E. Lee and reasons for the name change. Although she lives hundreds of miles away in New York now, she said no matter the distance, a voice can make a change.

"Despite me not living there now, it's still a big part of my history, where I grew up, it's still a big part of me, Midland, Texas," said Belizaire. "Even though I don't live there right now, that's still a place I call home."

Belizaire said she plans to take the information to the Midland ISD superintendent if she gets enough responses this week.

MISD sent us a statement in regards to the petition. To view it, click here.

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