Many around the Permian Basin excited for $700 million Powerball drawing

Many around the Permian Basin excited for $700 million Powerball drawing

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Millions of people are excited for the Wednesday night drawing for the $700 million Powerball prize, including right here in the Permian Basin.

"You bet, you can't win if you don't play," said Bren Holland, a Midland man hoping to win the Powerball drawing.

That's the mentality as many hope to win $700 million. One person even bought $200 worth of tickets.

Scotty Harris also bought a ticket, hoping to win. This isn't the first time Harris has thought about what he's going to do with the money if he wins.

"Probably a new house, probably help family out and help them pay bills. Then I would buy a Peterbilt 379, not a trailer and just drive around in that big truck," said Harris.

Belinda Hunt also bought a ticket but she isn't the only one in her household buying a ticket.

"I'm not a gambler, my husband does the gambling," said Hunt. "I'm sure he's bought several already."

The odds of winning are slim.

"None, zero, but I still bought a ticket," said Harris.

Bren Holland said he would give the money to his wife.

"I have no idea, she'd spend it though," said Holland. "I can tell you that. It wouldn't last long at my house, I can tell you that, it'd be gone before I believe a guy in a boat would fall out and hit the water."

"I'm gonna keep playing. We never play until it gets big for some reason, I don't know why we think the odds get better but we're going to," said Harris.

If no one wins Wednesday, the next drawing is Saturday and the prize goes up to $1 billion.

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