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Local veteran, barber reacts to President Trump's plan for more troops overseas

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It’s another day for Andre Epps at Freestyle Barbershop in Odessa.

Even at my ugliest moments I continued to tell myself there’s a better picture,” said Epps, a barber and former member of the 86th Signal Brigade.

After finishing up giving a kid a cut, Epps sat down and reacted to President Trump’s plan to win the war in Afghanistan by sending more troop overseas. An idea he believed would have lasting effect on families.

“It the working man having to say goodbye to his son. It’s that guy that wants to go to college and be a professional but has decided to serve his country in order to elevate himself,” said Epps.

He recalled his own experience serving as a soldier in Afghanistan from 2010 to 2011.

 “You sleep to bombs going off, to the point where you get so accustomed that whatever you’re doing to the sound of the bombs you keep doing. If you’re doing laundry, you keep doing laundry,” said Epps.

The war in Afghanistan has lasted over a decade and a half. A war that Epps believes won’t end until there is better communication between both countries.

“Unless there is a real-life narrative that happens within the Muslim community and the United State government where there is a willingness to work together, an actual cohesion, as long as there’s separation there will be war,” said Epps.

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