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Odessa police training for new ordinance punishing adults providing venue for underage drinkers

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Just last month, the City of Odessa passed an ordinance that would punish adults providing a venue for underage kids to drink, even if they don't furnish the alcohol. 

On Tuesday, the Odessa Police Department started their training in preparation for the new ordinance, focusing on gathering all the minors and finding and citing the adults.

Aurora Rich is a senior a Permian High School. She's noticed the number of underage drinkers increasing and hopes this new ordinance helps bring down the numbers. 

"I believe it'll help," said Rich. "Grown adults should know better and should show better judgment to other people."

Brian Lemons with Texans Standing Tall works with different communities to reduce underage drinking. Lemons said the new ordinance doesn't change the Texas law allowing parents to give their own children drinks.

"What we're trying to look out for is everyone else's kids," said Lemons. "That mom has a right to give her kids alcohol, she doesn't have a right to give my kids alcohol."

Rich said a friend her age has already seen the negative consequences of alcohol at a recent party with illegal drinks.

"Basically they all got arrested, ticketed and fined and she [my friend] was actually going to go join the Marines. But after that, she couldn't and her family disowned her," said Rich. 

The ordinance doesn't change other charges like minor in possession or furnishing alcohol to a minor. It just gives police another possible charge that may be easier to prove. The new ordinance is expected to kick in at the end of August. 

For more information on the ordinance, click here.

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