Local photographer preparing to capture solar eclipse

Local photographer preparing to capture solar eclipse

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - While many are preparing to watch the solar eclipse, photographers prepare to capture it. One local man says this is a chance of a lifetime.

Photography is Dewayne Louder's passion.

"Being able to give somebody a priceless memory," said Louder.

He's captured just about everything.

"Portraits and weddings, I've done MMA fights," said Louder.

This Monday will be a first in his 26 years of being behind the lens.

"Everything in town is going to stop between 11:30 and 2:30," said Louder.

Louder was just 3 years old during the last solar eclipse visible from the U.S.

This time, he says he's prepared. The first step was the film to cover his lens.

"It cost $50 to get it here before the eclipse," said Louder. "This has 1/1000 of 1% of light that is let through, so it blocks all your solar rays and everything, so you get a clear image of the sun."

Louder says the film won't work on a cellphone. The best way to capture the eclipse is through a digital SLR with a zoom lens and the solar film.

For photographers like Louder, Monday's eclipse is their shot of a lifetime.

"Everybody is going to be out looking up at the sky," said Louder.

Louder works at Odessa Camera. They will be having an event during the eclipse. If you have the proper equipment, they will have a few extra solar films, so you can take pictures.

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