Midland police prepared to enforce school zones when school starts

Midland police prepared to enforce school zones when school starts

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Both Midland and Ector County school districts start up in the next two weeks, and we all can agree, it would be terrible to start the school year off with the sound of a siren.

"Generally every year, when school starts, our traffic unit gets out and they start working the school zones real heavy, to get everyone to slow down," said Officer Daniel Steif with the MPD. "So they'll be out there watching for people speeding."

Most school zones throughout the city of Midland will start up every week day morning around 7 a.m. and officials said they're in place for good reason.

"Kids are walking around, it's pretty much chaos out in the streets across from schools," said Steif. "We got crossing guards to help people slow down before our crossings. Overall, no one wants kids to get hurt, so we put up school zones to protect our kids."

Many drivers may not realize the importance of these school zones in the middle of the day, while children are inside and in class.

"The reason they're up to is so we can pay attention to it no matter what," said Steif. "We don't know when kids are leaving or coming from the school or what their needs may be."

Office Steif said he and his fellow officers will never be lenient when it comes to breaking the law in a school zone. He said it's too important to keep the children of Midland safe.

"These kids are the number one thing we got to worry about, I mean this is our future," said Steif. "We have to watch out for our kids, everybody else's kids. There should be no reason to speed through a school zone and on top of that, the traffic fines double when you're in a school zone. So you really don't want that ticket in the first place."

Steif and the MPD also wanted to remind those that absolutely no cell phone use is tolerated in a school zone.

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