Salvation Army of Odessa in need of more than $200,000 worth of repairs

Salvation Army of Odessa in need of more than $200,000 worth of repairs

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - The Salvation Army of Odessa is in desperate need of repairs after having a leaky roof for more than decade. The roof was replaced in December, now they can work on the improvements inside.

The Salvation Army of Odessa has sat on same spot on 10th and Jefferson Ave. since the 1970's, feeding up to a 100 people a day and sheltering dozens.

The organization that helps those in need is now asking the public to help them.

"You can see all the water damage from years of using the showers," said Major Guy Watts showing damage in the building.

Wear and tear on the building has become excessive.

The roof just recently was fixed after 10 years. They've fixed their big problem. Now, they are tackling yet another, that's estimated to cost $220,000.

"Ceiling tile, new insulation, new sheetrock. This building has had very little up keep done due to lack of funds, not due to just neglect," said Watts.

Renovations will help with some of the damage to the building over the years, but will also increase their shelter capacity from 36 to 53.

"Most of the time if we aren't at capacity, we are very near the capacity," said Watts.

These improvements have been a long time coming. The Salvation Army says the changes are crucial to serving the community.

"It would definitely limit our ability to serve those that we are serving, so instead of serving 36 maybe we have to reduce that number down," said Watts.

The Salvation Army will be hosting their annual banquet on Thursday, August 31. The money raised will go towards the renovations to the shelter. For more information, call (432) 208-7422.

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