Another Stewart joins the MHS Tennis program

Another Stewart joins the MHS Tennis program

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - After an undefeated spring season, ending with a state championship trophy and a record of 45-0, Allison Stewart is back on the court for fall team tennis, but there's a major difference this season. Her former doubles partner, Kate Daugherty, is now playing at the collegiate level. Allison says she's not sure what her senior season will look like.

"In the fall, you play two so I'll play mixed and I'll play singles and then I'm not sure about the spring. Most likely singles or mixed with my brother," said Allison Stewart.

That's right, it may be a total family affair. With her little brother, Tyler, now a freshman Bulldog. And her mom, Carmen, returning as the head tennis coach for a second year.

"It's a little bit of a change with my mom, my brother and I on the team but it's been super fun," said Allison Stewart.

Tyler says he's looking forward to the chance to compete with his family.

"It's kinda nice because I can talk to my mom during matches and cheer my sister on," said Tyler Stewart.

But like any brother and sister, they don't always see eye to eye.

"They bicker, which is expected, but when it comes down to it, they're super supportive of one another," said Carmen Stewart.

Their dad is a tennis pro at the Racquet Club in Midland, so there's no question the about the main topic of conversation at the Stewart household.

"Like last night, we were home and we were just talking about this match today all night, just talking about the lineup and the other team and all that fun stuff," said Allison Stewart.

Bringing your work home with you is something that coach Carmen says she's well aware of.

"That's the hardest thing just being a parent being a coach you're there and you wanna be competitive but you also wanna be loving and understanding," said Carmen Stewart.

Just starting his high school athletic career, Tyler says he already has his sights set on Allison's high bar.

"I would say he's more competitive than I am. I think starting this year, his freshman year, he's trying to do better than I have, which hopefully he'll win state also. I bet he can though," said Allison Stewart.

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