Accountability rating improvements lead MISD to a new and improved school year

Accountability rating improvements lead MISD to a new and improved school year

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - The first day of school is coming up for Midland ISD and it's also a fresh start for Superintendent Orlando Riddick.

"It's good to be here, I'm excited," Riddick said. "Ready to lead and ready to learn."

After the Texas Education Agency released MISD's Accountability Ratings this week, the district's scores improved this year compared to last year. Moving from 28 to 32 out of 36 campuses that received a Met Standard rating.

Four elementary schools fell on the Improvement Required list, one of them being South Elementary School. It's a campus Riddick says is the district's biggest challenge.

"It's time to remove that label," said Riddick. "We have kids in there that are doing a dynamic job, educators, we have a leader who is ready to lead that. We want to be sure that's recognized across the campus and they can really show on that particular campus and for that community, as well."

And with a little push and a "No Excuses" philosophy, it's what Riddick says will drive the district to success.

"I would challenge my team that it's not impossible," said Riddick. "It's just hard and so how hard are you willing to work to make this come to fruition?"

Through teamwork, MISD's plans to improve schools is to hold "Listen and Learn" meetings where Riddick will meet with the community for discussion and ideas.

"We can gather feedback from community members and say, 'What are we doing well that we want to keep doing well? What do we need to stop doing?' from their input and insight," said Riddick. "What do they feel their child should have? Those are the things we want to gather and take them in."

With a week and a half left, it'll be a new school year and with more team effort, Riddick said he's ready to see even more improvement.

"There is a center of light that comes to Midland that casts itself in a really good way," said Riddick. "That shows the direction when you get a movement, you get everybody seeing it and pursuing it, great things and outcomes can happen."

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